Our expertise

Our top tier legal and investigative experience makes us the first choice for complex and technically demanding matters. Private and public clients across all sectors trust us to investigate and review challenging and high stakes matters where accuracy, sensitivity and credibility are critical.

Investigations often involve intense human emotion and carry significant consequences for those involved. Culturally sensitive investigative techniques and procedures are crucial in ensuring participant wellbeing and outstanding investigative outcomes. We take this responsibility seriously and apply our deep experience and regular training in this area in conducting culturally sensitive and trauma informed investigations where appropriate.

For data intensive matters, we’ve formed strong alliances with superior data handling experts who specialise in collecting, managing and analysing large and complex data sets. Combing the latest e-discovery technology with our ability to use it best, we simplify and solve even the most complex matters.

Our clients

Our clients include public and private sector organisations from medium-sized private entities, ASX 200 and global businesses, government departments to not-for-profits and sporting bodies across all sectors.

We work seamlessly with professional advisors, from global top-tier law firms to e-discovery experts to deliver outstanding results for our end-clients.




From serious misconduct allegations and safety breaches to high profile whistleblowing and public interest disclosure matters, we have the experience and expertise to quickly and sensitively deliver the impartial, high quality information and recommendations you need to act with confidence.

Most investigation reports contain unnecessary information and complexity. Ours capture everything you need and nothing you don’t – concise, legally sound reports mean you understand your position precisely.

Where public interest disclosure matters require recommendations, you’re in safe hands. Our hands-on knowledge of the legislation and public sector operation has seen our reports and recommendations submitted to ICAC.

Desktop review

Desktop reviews are conducted on available material and documents without an interview process. Minimally intrusive, they are a valuable and effective tool at an early stage or when more information is necessary before moving ahead – you will have a clear understanding of where matters stand and what to do next.

Where extensive data requires collection and analysis, we’ve formed strong partnerships with e-discovery experts to quickly access and interpret the information that matters.

Cultural review

Not all serious issues start that way. We conduct comprehensive cultural reviews where team performance is suffering or negative feedback has become normal. The best risk management strategy is early detection and prevention and our sensitive and impartial approach provides actionable insights rarely available via internal avenues. We love hearing from clients shortly after we’ve concluded that they are experiencing record levels of staff engagement and performance.

The recent Respect@Work legislation has changed the game for employers, creating a positive duty on employers to take steps to eliminate sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. Cultural reviews have gone from best practice to compliance essentials. Our expert understanding of the new regulations and experience in conducting sensitive, impartial reviews means you navigate your new responsibilities with confidence.

Pre-deal and IPO

An essential element of due diligence for those considering buying a business, merging or undertaking an IPO. Conventional due diligence provides a good understanding of facts and figures but little insight into the crucial intangible factors which drive successful businesses. Our deep dive into people, culture and practices will reveal the complete picture of what you are buying or launching.

We know who to speak to, what to look for and the answers that matter.

Training and

Leveraging our experience working with leading organisations across all sectors, we offer customisable and innovative training solutions combining e-learning and face-to-face training modules for effective learning that sticks.

Off the shelf training offers basic competency without high performance. Your legal, HR, risk or leadership groups each have different team-wide and individual skills and experience. Before kicking off, we discover what these are and tailor the training to suit.

The result is a supercharged team with the specific skills to deliver outstanding results for your organisation.

How we

We don’t tolerate cost overruns or budget uncertainty from our advisors and neither should you.

Our specialist experience means we charge on a phased, fixed fee basis – you’ll know exactly what work is being done and what it will cost ahead of time.

Our transparent fee structure puts you in control and keeps you there.

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