Our founders

Our founders come from leading commercial and employment law backgrounds and, together, have more than 25 years’ experience advising at the highest levels.

David Steirn

David Steirn is one of Australia's leading investigators for organisations across all sectors, often where issues of regulatory breach, serious misconduct or failure arise at an individual or institutional level. Before establishing Enterprise Investigations, David was a Sydney-based commercial and employment barrister for close to a decade, representing clients in the Supreme and Federal courts and conducting investigations and enquiries.

His advocacy and investigative background has expertly placed him to lead enquiries and investigations for national and global clients in complex, specialist areas involving serious misconduct, regulatory breach and integrity enquiries and his findings and recommendations have been submitted to ICAC. David has investigated and advised across all sectors including ESG, Health and Aged Care, Energy and Resources, Education, Manufacturing and Industrial, Government and Public Sector, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance and Sport Integrity.

Top tier legal expertise combined with investigative experience at the highest levels set him apart in a highly complex and increasingly important area. David is a member of the Association of Corporate Investigators (ACI) and helped develop its Investigations Principles and Good Practice Guidelines. He is also a member of Global Investigations Review.

“It is no longer enough to understand what happened – our clients want to know why it happened and how they can optimise to better look after their biggest asset – their people. Our focus means clients are building to better under any circumstances.”

Lily Stone

Lily advises on, and undertakes, investigations spanning the major sectors, including Corporate, Government and Public Sector, Banking and Finance, Technology, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Aged Care and Not-for-Profit. Before co-founding Enterprise Investigations, Lily was a Partner at a leading Sydney law firm, working in employment and commercial law for over 13 years.

Lily’s Partner-level experience gives her a deep understanding of the commercial, legal, people and leadership imperatives which drive modern businesses. Using these insights, Lily advises and supports clients across each facet of complaint-handling and investigations, delivering solutions that work for the whole business, leveraging existing resources, improving performance and managing risk. Our clients experience the seamless, tailored outcomes expected of internal teams with the key benefits of independent advisory.

Prior to Enterprise Investigations, Lily advised on a broad range of employment law issues, working collaboratively with HR, culture and leadership teams, and in-house lawyers. Her commercial and employment law background, coupled with her extensive Partner and leadership experience, offers clients a distinctive perspective on incident and complaint handling and investigations.

“Having worked closely with HR and in-house teams, I’ve seen a huge increase in the responsibilities and skill sets these key personnel are asked to deliver to keep their businesses on top. Offering leading-edge advice and guidance in an increasingly specialised and complex area is amongst the most valuable services our clients have access to.”

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